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Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) - Absolute - 2 ml
Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) - Absolute - 2 ml
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This is a pure absolute and is a semi-solid.

The oil is solvent extracted from the vanilla bean. This is not the common extract that is normally used in cooking - it is the absolute, which is much thicker. It can be either warmed to get the resin-like substance to run, or you can use a toothpick to take out a small amount to add to your blend. It is primarily used in the perfume industry, but is also excellent to give a rich aroma to soaps and candles.

INCI: Vanilla planifolia

ESSENCE: A very rich sweet aroma.

EFFECTS: Vanilla absolute has a very warming effect. It is good to use during the cold winter months or if one is isolated from family and friends.

THERAPY: Not generally used here


Vanilla planifolia c/o http://commons.wikimedia.org
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