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Chakra Blends - Full Set
Chakra Blends - Full Set
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This set contains all 7 of our chakra blends which are specifically formulated to strengthen and energize each of the 7 chakras. Get all of your chakras in balance and save over $25 (compared to the cost of the individual blends).

Contains the following Chakra Blends:

Third Eye
Solar Plexus

How to use the Chakra Blends:

Sit in a comfortable position. Open the bottle and hold it under your nose. You will then take four deep breaths.
Breath one: Imagine all the stress and tension in the body collecting in the lungs. As you breathe out, release this energy.
Breath two: Relax all the muscles in the head and neck area. When you breathe out, imagine all stress and tension floating away.
Breath three: Direct the energy to the chakra you want to clear. On the exhale, imagine that you are releasing old, stagnant energy.
Breath four: Focus on the chakra, envisioning the color of the chakra as a bright circular ball of energy. Allow your mind to clear and simply relax for 3 to 5 minutes.
You can use this method several times throughout the day to help restore balance and peace.


The main chakras

Customer Reviews

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A Special Note to Reiki PractitionersAs a practicing Reiki Master, I am always looking for ways to enhance the relaxation and healing experience for my clients. About 6 months ago, I began to incorporate the Chakras Blend essential oils in my sessions and the response from clients have been amazing and very positive.

I have found that the combination of Reiki and the Chakra Blends help to raise the clients vibration exponentially, resulting in a powerful healing session.

On a personal level, I love working with these oils in my daily practice... They are truly wonderful...

Thank you Colleen for creating such a wonderful tool, that benefits both practitioner and client.
Written by Evelyn Sideen on Fri 29 Jan 2016 8:57:10 PM GMT
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