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Sacral Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Sacral Chakra Blend - 5 ml
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Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthan or Sexual Chakra)

Corresponding Gland:  Gonads
Color Vibration: Orange
The Sacral chakra represents our creative energy and is associated with the functions of our reproductive organs. It is located at the pubic region and is responsible for the quality and quantity of sexual energy between one’s self and others at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 
When the Sacral Chakra is in balance
You are good-natured and flamboyant. The Sacral Chakra promotes self-esteem, worth and importance. You are sociable, ambitious and enthusiastic, and have a concern for others. 
When the Sacral Chakra is out of balance
It suppresses natural needs. You are unsure and unstable in sexual and emotional matters and cannot express feelings. An out-of-balance sacral chakra may also manifest physical symptoms such as chronic lower back pain, sciatica, gynecological problems and urinary problems.
This Blend Contains 100% pure essential oils of: 

Sweet Orange                          a refreshing, cheerful and sensual nature
Pine                                        clears the airways and eases the breath
Sandalwood                            brings in sensitivity, harmony and unity
Jasmine Absolute                    diminishes fear, enhancing self-confidence
How to use your Sacral Chakra Blend:

Sit in a comfortable position. Open the bottle and hold it under your nose. Then, take four deep breaths:
Breath one: Imagine all the stress and tension in the body collecting in the lungs. As you breathe out, release this energy.
Breath two: Relax all the muscles in the head and neck area. When you breathe out, imagine all stress and tension floating away.
Breath three: Direct the energy to the sacral chakra (located approximately three inches below your belly button). On the exhale, imagine that you are releasing old, stagnant energy.
Breath four: Focus on the chakra, envisioning the color of the sacral chakra as a bright circular ball of orange energy. Allow your mind to clear and simply relax for 3 to 5 minutes.
You can use this method several times throughout the day to help restore balance and peace.

Precautions: Jasmine Absolute may contain allergenic components.


Sacral Chakra
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