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Lavender Floral Water - 120 ml (4 oz)
Lavender Floral Water - 120 ml (4 oz)
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This herbaceous floral water (hydrosol) nurtures and balances our thoughts, offering a sense of comfort, clarity and acceptance.  It makes a wonderfully light, fresh body mist.

Lavender hydrosol is excellent for babies and young children. It can be added to the bath for a calming effect, and combining a drop of Roman Chamomile will soothe diaper rash.  Lavender makes a refreshing room spray for your home, car or office. Misting the bedroom with lavender water will promote a restful sleep.

APPLICATIONS: After you have applied your body lotion, mist the entire body with the floral spray. 

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure Lavender water

PRECAUTIONS: Lavender is generally considered to be safe, but the essential oil can potentially have an emmenagogue action. For this reason we recommend that the essential oil not be used during pregnancy. Although our lavender hydrosol is among the most therapeutically powerful available, it is still by nature much less potent than the essential oil. However, to err on the side of caution, WE RECOMMEND THAT IT NOT BE USED DURING PREGNANCY.

Due to climatic conditions and the risk of this product freezing during shipping, it is currently unavailable for purchase on our site. It will become available when warmer weather arrives. If you would like to make special arrangements for shipping, please contact us at (613) 634-7601. Thank you - Awaken My Senses.

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