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Blends for the Body
pure essential oil blends for the body
Our essential oil Body Blends are designed as powerful aids to help alleviate many of those worldly nuisances that threaten to distract us from our daily pursuits - allergies, coughs and congestion, cold sores, and muscular aches and pains. And, in addition to our bug-fighting "Four Thieves" Blend, we also offer our unique Adrenal Support blend to strengthen and support the adrenal glands (did you know that during times of hormonal change, your adrenal glands get kicked into overdrive?).

As with all of our products, these unique blends use only the purest unrefined vegetable oils and organic / wildcrafted essential oils for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Allergy Relief - 10 mlAllergy Relief - 10 ml
Coughs & Congestion Blend - 30 mlCoughs & Congestion Blend - 30 ml
Cold Sore Blend - 10 mlCold Sore Blend - 10 ml
Muscle Relaxation Blend - 60 mlMuscle Relaxation Blend - 60 ml
Adrenal Support - 30 mlAdrenal Support - 30 ml
Four Thieves Blend - 10 mlFour Thieves Blend - 10 ml
pure essential oil blends for the mindpure essential oil blends for the spirit

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