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Chakra Blends
For thousands of years, essential oils have been coveted for their therapeutic healing properties, but these precious oils are also the heart and soul of each plant. They are the life force of every herb, flower, bush and tree, and like every other living thing on this planet, they are energy. We hope the synergistic blends we have created help restore balance and bring you to One….body, mind, spirit
About Chakras 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or disk”.  We have 7 main Chakras in our body. They spin attracting or repelling activity on their particular plane, acting as gateways connecting our thoughts and emotions to our physical body. Energy flows through the chakras vertically from the base of the spine (Root) to the top of the head (Crown) passing through each chakra/wheel center.
Each Chakra governs a psychological and physiological function. When one or more of our chakras are blocked the energy cannot flow, creating a state of imbalance. Our Chakra Blends help to remove the blockage and promote the free flow of energy. 

Crown Chakra Blend - 5 mlCrown Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Third Eye Chakra Blend - 5 mlThird Eye Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Throat Chakra Blend - 5 mlThroat Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Heart Chakra Blend - 2 mlHeart Chakra Blend - 2 ml
Solar Plexus Chakra Blend - 5 mlSolar Plexus Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Sacral Chakra Blend - 5 mlSacral Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Root Chakra Blend - 5 mlRoot Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Chakra Blends - Full SetChakra Blends - Full Set

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