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Body, Mind and Spirit
It is with great respect and gratitude to Mother Earth that we offer this collection of unique plant energies, for it is these plants that have provided us our medicine and nurtured our souls for thousands of years.
Healers from every corner of the world have embraced their very essence, knowing that true wellness is only achieved through a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Our spirit is our conduit to the energies of the universe. Our body is the vessel that holds the energetic spirit. Our mind directs that energy. Weakness or disease in one will most definitely affect the other two.
Drawing upon nature's gifts, we have developed this collection of synergistic blends to support and nourish each of these aspects of your being, providing a valuable aid in your quest to achieve your true wellness goals. May the earth always support you, may the wind always carry you and may the fire forever be in your soul.
Love, light and laughter……Colleen
Colleen Hague, co-founder of Awaken My Senses

pure essential oil blends for the bodypure essential oil blends for the mindpure essential oil blends for the spirit

At Awaken My Senses, we love all animals. We do not test our products on animals, nor do we use animal byproducts in any of our products.

Please help animals in need by donating to your local animal rescue agency. Awaken My Senses strives towards a green, sustainable lifestyle.
We are a proud signer of The Compact for Safe CosmeticsAwaken My Senses is an Environmental Defence Defender

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