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15 % off!

Chakra Blends introductory sale

Chakra Blends - Full SetChakra Blends - Full Set
Crown Chakra Blend - 5 mlCrown Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Heart Chakra Blend - 2 mlHeart Chakra Blend - 2 ml
Root Chakra Blend - 5 mlRoot Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Sacral Chakra Blend - 5 mlSacral Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Solar Plexus Chakra Blend - 5 mlSolar Plexus Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Third Eye Chakra Blend - 5 mlThird Eye Chakra Blend - 5 ml
Throat Chakra Blend - 5 mlThroat Chakra Blend - 5 ml
"Essential oils are the heart and soul of each plant. They are the life force of every herb, flower, bush and tree"

Introducing Awaken My Senses' exciting new line of Chakra Blends - now available at an introductory price of 15% off:


Looking for 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils?

We are a leading provider of  the purest therapeutic grade organic and wildcrafted essential oils. You will find a wealth of information on this site about the amazing properties of essential oils. For a useful primer, click the link below for Dr. Mercola's just-published article:

We're also a champion of the benefits of pure unrefined vegetable (carrier) oils. Every oil offered on our site is 100% pure and of the finest quality available.

Awaken My Senses pure organic and wild crafted essential oils Awaken My Senses pure organic unrefined vegetable oils
100% pure essential oils 100% pure vegetable oils

From these nutritionally rich ingredients, we hand blend a wide selection of natural, toxin free skin care and body care products:

Awaken My Senses Natural Hand Made Skin Care Awaken My Senses Natural Hand Made Body Care
natural skin care natural body care


We ship across Canada and the continental USA. All of our products come with a full 100% money back guarantee.

Awaken My Senses is dedicated to providing high-quality natural organic products to enhance your life.

Our unique skin care products are hand made in small batches to ensure effectiveness and freshness, and we do not use artificial or chemical preservatives.

At Awaken My Senses, we love all animals! We do not test our products on animals, nor do we use animal byproducts in any of our products.

Please help animals in need by donating to your local animal rescue agency.

Awaken My Senses strives towards a green, sustainable lifestyle.

We are a proud signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics Awaken My Senses is an Environmental Defence Defender

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